Andrew Brinkmann
Creative Director
Andrew has been helping organizations find their video voice for nearly ten years. His creative direction has led countless clients to discover the beauty of visual storytelling and has blurred the lines between business and art.
That's really what Brinkmann Films is all about: helping people communicate what they are passionate about (including their work) through artistic mediums such as film and animation.
It is notoriously difficult to operate a business without video of some form in our world of engagement and metrics. Brinkmann Films offers the tools and direction you need to start this journey.
In addition to creative directing, Andrew has worked in the camera department with countless television networks, agencies and production companies. This allows Andrew to inspire his clients with the latest in filmmaking technology and resources.  

"Picasso always said he would have been worthless if the canvas didn't have an edge to it. The creative is an absolute necessity in the business workplace, technology is the catalyst, and I would say the business side of it- the profit and loss- that's the edge of the canvas."
-Andrew Herkert, M.A. Art History